Date: 2011-07-29 05:09 am (UTC)
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Hmm. While I understand that some people want separable identities, what I want is definitely in the "pseudonym" part of that space. I'm very much not a different person in different contexts; while I may have certain boundaries around certain contexts (I don't really want to talk about kink at work), I've very much the same identity. And the me that you see here, or on IRC, or whatever, is very much the same me you get in person.

And how you think about your theoretical coprocessor is very different from how I'd think about mine. It turns out, "verify that this piece of information really came from me", or "make it so that only this one person can read this" -- while they're both things I occasionally have call to do, normal social interaction doesn't have me doing them very often. I'd probably keep a set of photos that I take with my camera-eyes (I get camera-eyes, right?), automatically OCR'd and searchable, of course, to help me remember things. Then a mental journal. Then keys, survival, music, and wikipedia, pretty much in that order. (Perhaps I am forgetting a thing or three)

Though I admit the wisdom of keeping one's keypairs as close as possible, so as not to be stolen.

Also, I want to be able to code with my brainwaves. That'd be great for my wrists. (Then again, maybe I'd discover some kind of brain-RSI. That'd suck.)

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